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Basic Content Page

This page type is used for pages that are not part of the main site content and do not utilize one of the other CANVAS templates like product pages, brand pages or article pages. 

See a demo of this template


When To Use This Page

This page will be beneficial for non-navigation “orphan page” content not supported by the main CANVAS templates. For example:

  • Privacy and Legal pages
  • Campaign pages
  • Contact Us page
  • Utility pages
  • Sitemap page


Default Template Components

The following components are default, fixed elements within this page template:


A series of clickable links that display the navigational path to the current page.

Body Copy

Area used for description of content on the page.

Social Share (Where Applicable)

The ability for users to share content with their friends and followers on supported social networks


Additional Optional Template Components

Embedded Image

Embed an image throughout page copy

Related Content Component

Display related content

Approved Tout Combination

Use any approved combination of touts that adds up to 100% of the content area width

Embedded Poll

A poll can be placed anywhere a tout can be placed


Design Details

These helpful diagrams highlight key components across the three Canvas viewports. Components are either required or optional; some can be adjusted, while others must remain as-is. 





Responsive Design

CANVAS sites fluidly respond across three key breakpoints.

See examples of page layouts, features and functionality in CANVAS.

Our demo provides a glimpse of the flexibility of CANVAS and its templates.