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The CANVAS Site Launch Process

Our launch process is just like that of most websites, except we make it a lot simpler! Between the Planning and Launch phases, timing for your website can range from 8–12 weeks depending on the scope of your project.  You’ll work with many different teams during this process, including J&J internal teams and external partners. The resources involved will vary project to project.  Throughout the site launch process your team will complete a set of both required and optional activities and deliverables, both found in the Templates and Resources section.

In addition, Project Management is crucial during every phase. That’s why we recommend a few of our favorite tools that will help see your project through:



Step 1: Planning

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Your site vision, roles, and responsibilities.

A large part of this step is collaboration with multiple teams to agree upon a schedule and budget, resource allocation, and your primary siteobjectives.

Key Planning Documents:

  • RACI - RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consult, Inform) is a model used by project managers to help define team roles and responsibilities.Think of this document as a starting point to ensure everyone fills his or her assigned roles. 
  • Project Brief - A project brief clearly outlines the scope of your project, including resources, website objectives, brand and audience insights,competitive positioning, success metrics, depth of content, and functionality needs.

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Step 2: Information Architecture  

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Content organization, creation and website structure.

Information Architecture serves as a blueprint and hierarchy for your brand’s website. It’s created and seen from the perspective of the end user to provide insights and ultimately help meet your goals. A large part of this step involves mapping out existing content, specifying where content is needed and determining exact sections and pages needed for the entire site.

Key Information Architecture Activities:

  • Content Inventory - Collect all existing content and identify additional content needs.
  • Sitemap Template - Begin content organization and website architecture. You’ll create your own sitemap based on ours.
  • Page Template Selection - Choose the template that best fits your site’s needs and content. 
  • Copy Deck Manual - Start creating copy using this manual. You’ll hand off the copy deck to Content Producers and site delivery partners.

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Step 3: Visual Design

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Determine a look and feel for your site.

The design tools work together to help you define the look and feel of your CANVAS site. Decide which CANVAS designs you would like to use out-of-the-box and where design customizations are needed for your site.

Key Visual Design Activities:

  • Design Layout: PSDs - If you wish to add additional features beyond the CANVAS Out of the Box experience, you may want to deliver your final designs in layered Photoshop files. This will help the development team easily understand your customization choices.    
  • Brand Style Guide Worksheet - Make sure global brand style, messaging, and design needs are met from project to project.
  • Image Asset Spreadsheet - This spreadsheet will contain every image referenced in your final Copy Deck. You’ll hand off both in the Configuration step.    



Step 4: Configuration  

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Work with development partners to load your content.

This is where it all comes together. You’ll work with your development partners to set the preferences you’ve selected, including page layout selections and functionality. You’ll also determine where content will be loaded in. 


Step 5: Test & Launch

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Make sure everything works, then go live!

You’re in the home stretch here! This is where you’ll take some additional time to test your site before the final push to production.  

See examples of page layouts, features and functionality in CANVAS.

Our demo provides a glimpse of the flexibility of CANVAS and its templates.