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Release Version 7.x-2.14

The CANVAS Platform's newest release version is 7.x-2.14.

Below, you can find a listing of all the newest functionality included with this platform release version.

Ratings and Reviews Conversations Platform - Ratings Summary Widget

Ratings and Reviews on the Conversations platform now provides a Bazaarvoice hosted 'Ratings Summary' widget on the Product Listing page.  The hosted Ratings Summary widget displays useful information to consumers who are researching or comparing products and helps them select which products to view.  The following product review information is displayed by the Ratings Summary widget on each individual product teaser:

  • Star rating

  • Decimal value for overall average rating

  • Number of reviews.  

With the Ratings and Reviews app, the hosted Ratings Summary widget can be enabled with a single click by a site builder.  For sites migrating from Bazaarvoice's PRR platform to the Conversations platform this single click enablement will also disable any Ratings Summary functionality related to a site’s previous Bazaarvoice integration.

Where to Buy 2.4 - Product Variants

Where to Buy 2.4 now offers a product selector allowing site visitors to choose online retailer and in store results for a product’s associated variants. This capability provides an enhanced Where to Buy experience for site visitors allowing them to seamlessly choose between similar products that differ only by a common attribute such as size, color, count, etc.  The Where to Buy 2.4 app provides easy configurations to enable the product variant functionality on brand sites.

Generic Forms App

The Generic Forms App allows site builders to create secure forms for use on Canvas site pages.  Forms allow site visitors to enter data into predefined fields and submit the form data for site administrators to review via the Canvas admin interface.  Generic forms can be used to create the following site experiences:

  • Prize drawings

  • Cashback registration

  • Sample order forms

  • Newsletter sign up

There are many powerful configurations available with Generic Forms and Canvas allowing Site Builders to create forms with conditional fields, field validation, filtering and much more. Additionally, the app provides a way for Site Builders to easily disable form submission site-wide; a convenient feature during various site maintenance tasks, like Canvas platform version upgrades.

Accessibility 1.2

Several accessibility gaps and related bug fixes have been addressed in the current Canvas platform release.  The 1.2 release represent fixes identified by the platform QA team and L1.  Included are accessibility improvements and fixes to the following Canvas site elements:

  • Mobile menu keyboard navigation
  • Accordions on FAQ pages
  • Site search autocomplete pop-up notification
  • Carousels (bean and slice based)
  • Skip link functionality

Performance 1.1 - Front End

The Canvas platform was analyzed to find areas in need of optimization for improved overall site performance.  Front end improvements for anonymous site visitors were prioritized for this Canvas release.  These improvements included:

  • For faster page rendering, loading the mCustomScroll library only when needed by a site.

Ratings and Reviews PRR Platform - Bug Fixes

The Canvas platform contains newly identified bug and gap fixes for Ratings and Reviews functionality using the PRR Platform.  These fixes include the following items:

  • The Star Ratings breakdown order now goes from 5 star ratings to 1 star ratings.
  • The Product Reviews accordion was renamed for a better user experience.
  • The 'helpful vote' functionality was disabled for syndicated reviews and is now only available for native reviews.
  • Bug fixes for issues related to Star Rating values, review filtering and recommendation percents.



The Healthcare Professional (HCP) feature is added to CANVAS as an app, for the specific brands that are offering a Professional section on their brand site. Registering as a healthcare professional grants a user access to the professional side of your brand site, so that they may take advantage of benefits, offers, information, and product samples related to their respective field.

A number of additions are included in this update to the HCP feature; most notably, the ability to revalidate existing HCP registrants.

  • Administrators can manually launch a revalidation: bulk-submitting batches of existing HCP registrant account information to MedPro for validation, ensuring that they maintain an active professional license, and, thusly, their eligibility to receive samples.
  • Ability to set the number of items added to the user's cart when Add to Cart is clicked.
  • Ability to exclude individual, published Sample Displays from appearing on the Sample Listing page.
  • HCP registrants will receive dynamic validation messages, and their sample eligibility will be based on combinations of MedPro field values.
  • When managing sampling restrictions, administrators are able to set period-based restrictions, limiting sample orders to a particular number for a particular duration of time.
  • The link to Order Samples is only visible to validated HCP registrants with sample eligibility.

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