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Release Version 7.x-2.15

The CANVAS Platform's newest release version is 7.x-2.15. Release Notes

  • The upgrade cycle begins on October 25, 2017.

Below, you can find a listing of all the newest functionality included with this platform release version.


AMP 1.0

The AMP Project, maintained by Google, is an open-source initiative aiming to make websites that are consistently fast and high-performing across devices and distribution platforms. In an effort to increase the performance and engagement of mobile pages, the CANVAS platform has developed an AMP integration for mobile Page Builder pages powered by the AMP 1.0 App. Article Detail pages can be migrated to the Page Builder content type in order to be AMPified. The AMP 1.0 App provides a default Canvas whitesite mobile AMP theme that can be used as a foundation for creating a brand's Master or Clone level mobile AMP theme.

The business benefits of AMP-ifying brand sites include:

  • Faster load times: 53% of websites are abandoned if load takes more then 3 seconds. For AMP enabled pages the load expectation is 2 seconds or less,and in many cases less than 1 second.
  • AMP encourages the adoption of better standards for Mobile: Mobile traffic accounts for a large percentage for many CANVAS sites (e.g. over 80% of traffic in NE and MENA is mobile).
  • Higher engagement for AMP pages: an increase in “sticky visits.” 

  • SEO: Many AMP pages can experience higher Google search positions.

Page Builder Enhancements to Support AMP

Page Builder slices have been enhanced with new functionality and configurations to allow for more fine-grained control of page content display. These enhancements were driven by Article page migrations to the Page Builder content type; a requirement for Canvas AMP activations.

Some of the enhancements and improvements to Page Builder include:

  • Apply predefined styles to Page Builder slices via the content edit form.
  • Define an active menu to determine which menu items appear within a slice.
  • Display a menu slice title with an on/off toggle option.
  • New layout slice has been added to provide more consistent content editing experience and an improved content structure.
  • Display a Video Slice title above or below the video.

WTB 2.5 - UX Enhancements

The latest release of Where to Buy (WTB) 2.0 includes several improvements to the UI/UX of the App. Multiple additions to the App Status Table give site builders greater control over the appearance and functionality of WTB and its features. In addition, both the enablement and activation of Where to Buy have been enhanced so that site builders can customize functionality and content to fit the needs of a given market. Some improvements include:

  • Enable and activate Buy Online and Find in Store Features separately. This allows site builders to configure content in preview mode and the ability to choose which features to extend to their market.
  • Product variant options: site builders can easily display and configure a product with multiple sizes and/or options.
  • Available Retailers: Hide out-of-stock retailers so that brands can show users only products that are in stock. 
  • Price Display: Brands can customize the way that prices are displayed and how currencies formatted.

Doctor Locator

The Doctor Locator feature enables a quick connection between site visitors and eyecare doctor locations that offer JnJ brand products in the USA.  A site visitor can access a list of the nearest eyecare doctors based on a zipcode and a mile radius search.  Each Doctor entry provides detailed contact information and the ability to ‘Request a Consultation’. Eyecare Doctor information is provided via a third party service that integrates with Canvas (AMOA Doctor Finder API).  Each Eyecare Doctor listing includes the following information and functionality:

  • The doctor name and location.
  • Additional locations associated with the doctor, if available.
  • A button with the doctor’s phone number that allows the user to click and call the number on phone-capable devices.
  • A link with google map driving directions for the associated doctor’s address.
  • A link to the doctor’s associated website.
  • A 'Request Consultation’ button which allows a site visitor to submit a form to the doctor’s practice with their contact details to facilitate creating an appointment.

Modal Gallery

The Modal Gallery feature allows content editors to easily create a gallery page of tacos that can be clicked to display a modal window containing more content.  This feature provides a way to swiftly display information to users on the same page they are viewing, improving site usability and decreasing unnecessary page reloads

Once the Modal Gallery feature is enabled, Content Editors can easily configure and create the Modal Gallery page and modal content using Page Builder and Taco slices.


The Healthcare Professional (HCP) feature is added to CANVAS as an app, for the specific brands that are offering a Professional section on their brand site. Registering as a healthcare professional grants a user access to the professional side of your brand site, so that they may take advantage of benefits, offers, information, and product samples related to their respective field.

The major additions to the HCP app for this release are for auto-sampling — specifically, the configuration of New Registrant Kits for newly validated Health Care Professionals. There are also a couple additions to the functionality of the sampling cart on the Sample Listing Page; a My Orders page; and the ability to configure MedPro revalidation at login.

Selection-Based Sampling

  • The Encompass inventory is checked when the user adds an item to her cart, and an appropriate message is displayed if that item is found to be out of stock.
  • Items already in the sample cart will appear greyed out, with the message "Already in cart," on the Sample Listing Page.


  • New Registrant Kits can be configured for newly validated Health Care Professionals.
  • Authenticated Users can be automatically assigned to receive a New Registrant Kit as soon as they register.
  • Administrators can turn off/on New Registrant Kits, allowing them to disable auto-assignment.
  • Authenticated Users will receive a confirmation email when they are assigned to receive an auto-sampling kit.
  • Administrators can configure the delivery of New Registrant Kits to newly validated registrants via an API on a timed/customized basis.
    • This allows Fulfillment Vendor Providers to update their Warehouse Management System (WMS) database with new recipients for New Registrant Kits.
  • Administrators can manually trigger the release of auto-shipments.
    • The Fulfillment Vendor will receive the trigger and begin the fulfillment process.
  • The system will check the in-stock availability before sending the New Registrant Kit orders to the Fulfillment Vendor.
    • Orders that are not available in stock will be held in the queue until the next order is sent.
  • Auto-Sampling and New Registrant Kits can be edited and deleted, allowing Administrators to manage the existing kits configuration.
  • If the global log-in validation is disabled, Users created via the Janrain Customer Care Portal (CCP) tool will be validated and checked for eligibility to receive samples.

My Orders Page

  • HCP users now have a My Orders page, from which they can track their sample order history.

Revalidation At Login

  • Administrators can turn on/off MedPro revalidation at login.
    • Turning off revalidation at login will help minimize the amount of requests to the MedPro processing API.

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