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Here’s a quick snapshot of all the documents and templates you’ll need to build your brand’s website. You can download these resources individually or all at once by clicking below. 


Quick-Start Guide

A brief overview of how to get started with CANVAS.

Project RACI

Avoid chaos by assigning roles and responsibilities for the project team.

Project Brief

A crucial part of your project. Understand the objectives, audience and desired results.

Site Map Template

Begin defining your brand’s website structure, and how pages and content interrelate.

Content Inventory Spreadsheet

Source your initial content, then create any additional content needed.

Copy Deck Manual

Your starting point to the Copy Deck, a single document with all your content.

Style Guide Worksheet

Start creating a style guide that your brand will own and maintain going forward.

Image Asset Spreadsheet

Gather any images and other visual assets that may be used during your website build.

Smartsheet Template Schedule

Use this templates milestone schedule as a starting point for Project Managers.

Confluence Template Space

This can be used to hold the deliverables and information about a CANVAS build.

JIRA Project Template

You can import the standard JIRA stories of an individual CANVAS build.

See examples of page layouts, features and functionality in CANVAS.

Our demo provides a glimpse of the flexibility of CANVAS and its templates.