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Content Hub

Content Hub is a new method for brands to share content between sites on CANVAS. With Content Hub, sites can clone and share article, campaign, and landing pages created with CANVAS' Page Builder tool. Sites can modify, translate, and localize imported content for their own use. All of this can be done seamlessly within the brand sites on CANVAS, without the need for a Site Builder or technical resource. There are many business benefits of Content Hub, including:

  • Reduced Cost - Costs to create global content on clones, as well as across brands, are greatly reduced. Markets that could not otherwise afford site builder resources to create campaigns and complex layouts will be able to clone and customize content
  •  Increased Speed to Market - Ability to clone content in real time
  • Increased Conversions - Easier to leverage high performing content
  • Competitive Designs - Easier to leverage beautiful page layouts & designs between brands
  • Enabling IMC - Global content can be rolled out more quickly across sites 

Content Hub is being piloted in CANVAS release 2.13, please stay tuned for more information on a wide release of Content Hub.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please reach out to the Content Hub PLO, Tye Rainford.






Content Hub Release

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