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Hreflang Alternates (Geotagging)

Hreflang Alternates, also know by Geotagging, improves the search engine optimization (SEO) of regional brand sites so that they rank higher than the US site in local search results. Users are then able to easily find the correct regional or language content. This increases a brand's organic search, increases ranking, and improves user experience.

Why is it important

With multi-regional brand sites that share duplicate or similar content, it is difficult for search engines to determine which version of the content url to show users in local search results.  Geotagging keeps brand sites search engine friendly as they expand to new markets and language variations by ensuring the correct regional URL is served to the user.   By doing so there are many business benefits for regional brand sites, including:

  • Increased Traffic - Users find the intended local market site
  • Improved User Experience & Increased Conversions - Users less likely to bounce, more likely to return
  • Reduced Cost - Improved organic search makes paid search more effective

How it works

A group of pages that have generally the same content, but slight variations by country and language are called a family. Each page in the family has its own URL. Tags which contain these URLs are included in the HTML header information of each of the family members. The search engine then matches up the right page for each user doing an search, depending on their country and language settings.

Responsive Design

CANVAS sites fluidly respond across three key breakpoints.

See examples of page layouts, features and functionality in CANVAS.

Our demo provides a glimpse of the flexibility of CANVAS and its templates.