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Interactive Tools

Interactive tools on brand websites are used to promote engaging user experiences, prompt users for their participation, and teach users about the brand and its available products.  These features are used for the key interactions related to engaging content on your brand web site.

Pages and Components Included In Interactive Tools Section

The following breakdown outlines each of the features available in the Interactive Tools section. Click on the names below for more details about each feature. 

Poll Feature

The Poll Feature enables brands to interact with, solicit feedback, and gather opinions from their users by asking single multiple choice questions.  Real-time, users are able to see the total results of how other users have voted.

Quiz Feature

The Quiz Feature is comprised of two different quiz formats, Test Your Knowledge and Calculation Quiz. 

The Test Your Knowledge Quiz version provides an interactive forum for brands to ask their end users a series of trivia-type questions and provide real-time feedback and additional information on each question, as well as a summary of results upon quiz completion with built-in flexibility to provide additional education or brand material.

The Calculation Quiz version provides an interactive forum for brands to ask their end users a series of single-response questions and provide a result calculated from the user’s answer selections.  This feature’s flexibility provides for many use cases from user entertainment and engagement to simple, more generalized product or routine recommendations.

Recommendation Tool

The Recommendation Tool acts as an interactive tool for brands to help guide their end users through a series of single-response and multi-response questions and provide a recommendation for them calculated from the indicated answer selections. This feature can be used to support many different brand objectives including the following examples:

  • Help consumers filter down symptoms, conditions and demographic information to discover the right product for them during their heightened need state
  • Provide consumers with resources to prepare for or prevent their reoccurring conditions
  • Empower consumers to be experts on their health and provide self-help resources
  • Enable consumers to make the right product decision at the point of purchase
  • Deliver “total solution” recommendations
  • Drive purchase intent through solution recommendations
  • Differentiate products in the mind of the consumer


Best Practices & Guidelines

Keep it Friendly

Technical terms aren’t for everyone. Stay on level with the average visitor.

Call to Action! 

Be clear and easy to understand. Avoid generic phrases like “Click Here.”

Engage them Visually 

Use strong images to support each article and draw your readers in.

See examples of page layouts, features and functionality in CANVAS.

Our demo provides a glimpse of the flexibility of CANVAS and its templates.