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Poll Feature

The Poll Feature enables brands to interact with, solicit feedback, and gather opinions from their users by asking single multiple choice questions.  Real-time, users are able to see the total results of how other users have voted.

Poll Feature Pages and Components

The following breakdown outlines each of the page layouts and components available for the Poll Feature. Click on the names below for more details about each page. 

  • Poll Listing Page: A page used to display teasers of all existing polls on your brand’s website. 
  • Poll Detail Page: A discrete page where visitors can see and interact with a particular poll.
  • Embedded Poll: A poll that can be embedded anywhere a tout can be placed throughout your site.


Configuring Your Poll Content


  • Option A {Polls Listing Page >> Poll Detail Page} - This option is recommended if you have multiple polls on your site. The listing page displays all available polls for users to select from. Users can access the detail page for each poll from the poll listing page.
  • Option B {Poll Detail Page} - This option can be used to house standalone polls that can be linked-to from content and touts throughout your site.
  • Option C {Embedded Poll} - A poll can be embedded anywhere a tout can be placed, so users can interact with these features on other pages. Embedded polls are recommended on pages with relevant content to the poll topic. Though an Embedded Poll can be featured with or without a corresponding Poll Detail Page, it’s recommended that a Poll Detail Page exists for each Embedded Poll to help drive your site’s SEO. 

Best Practices & Guidelines

Keep it Friendly

Technical terms aren’t for everyone. Stay on level with the average visitor.

Call to Action! 

Be clear and easy to understand. Avoid generic phrases like “Click Here.”

Engage them Visually 

Use strong images to support each article and draw your readers in.

Template PSDs

Access the PSD files for all of your Poll Feature Templates.

Template PDFs

View the PDF files for all of your Poll Feature Templates.

See examples of page layouts, features and functionality in CANVAS.

Our demo provides a glimpse of the flexibility of CANVAS and its templates.