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Embedded Poll

Canvas does not require that each poll utilize a Poll Detail Page template. Polls can also be embedded in place of any 25%, 33%, 50%, and 66% width touts to make content more engaging and interactive for site visitors.

See a demo of this component


When To Use This Component

This component will be beneficial if you have a poll that is relevant to specific page content on your site or if you want to tease the Polls section content on a landing page of your site.

Default Component Elements

Pre-vote State

Contains the Poll question and two to five answer choice buttons.

Post-vote State

Displays results bar graphs with percentages for each given answer choice.

See More Polls Link

A link available for users to view more polls on your site via a Poll Listing page.


Component Template PSBs

Access the PSB files for your Embedded Poll Template.

Template PDFs

View the PDF files for your Embedded Poll Template.

See examples of page layouts, features and functionality in CANVAS.

Our demo provides a glimpse of the flexibility of CANVAS and its templates.