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Product Category Listing Page Template

With this page layout you will be able to show all of your product categories on one page. Your visitors will be able to select a product category and be taken directly to a Product Category Landing Page.

See a demo of this template


When To Use This Page

This page will be beneficial when you run into the following scenarios:

  • You have multiple Product Categories.
  • Each Product Category has a large number of products.
  • You want to group and display products within the categories.
  • You don’t want each Product Category to be listed as a primary navigation tab.


Default Template Components

The following components are fixed elements within this page template.                  


A series of clickable links that display the navigational path to the current page.

Product category teasers

25% width teasers are auto-generated to display each product category name and associated image, as well as a link to the corresponding Product Category Landing page.

Social Sharing (where applicable)

This is the ability for a user to share content with their friends and followers on supported social networks.


Additional Optional Template Components

Page Hero Image

The main image on the page, and often the largest.

Any allowed tout combination

Use any supported combination of touts that adds up to 100% of the content width.


Design Details

These helpful diagrams highlight key components across the three Canvas viewports. Components are either required or optional; some can be adjusted, while others must remain as-is. 



Product Category Grid: There must be at least two product categories displayed. Categories must be top-aligned and can be stacked in multiple rows with four categories per row. 

Template PSDs

Access the PSD files for your Product Category Listing Template.

Template PDFs

View the PDF files for your Product Category Listing Template.

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Our demo provides a glimpse of the flexibility of CANVAS and its templates.