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Central Statements Page Template

Central Statements refers to a service that’s updated and managed by your local ICA (Internet Compliance Authority). They’ll determine any policy and disclaimer appropriate for your brand website within your region. By default, each CANVAS brand site is installed with a Privacy Policy and Legal Services URL. You will work with your IT partner and ICA to determine the correct information your policies and website that will need to be provided to your site builder.

CANVAS websites that are located in countries (i.e. EMEA) that must comply with the Cookie law must enable the Cookie Banner and the Cookie Policy Page. The Cookie Banner slides up from the bottom of any page on the site with a message informing users of the cookie usage, so that users can ensure their privacy is protected.  The user can accept the cookie policy from the banner, or can click on links to the Cookie Policy Page more more details. By default, the banner will show up on every page until the user has accepted the policy by clicking "I agree". The banner will also reappear if the cookies have been reset on the user's browser.

See a demo of the Privacy Policy

See a demo of the Legal Notice


When To Use This Page

Every site will use this template. 


Default Template Components

The following components are default, fixed elements within this page template:


A series of clickable links that display the navigational path to the current page


Page Details

The appropriate Policy information will be displayed here. This could be your Privacy Policy, Legal Notice, Cookie Policy, or another policy specific to your region.





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