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Contact Us Page Template

The objective of this page is to create an effortless experience for our consumers to have their questions answered and to direct them to easy-to-use self-serve options where available. If no self-serve option is available, we should direct them to the best channel to have their specific issue resolved. In order to do this, it is a best practice to have an easy to navigate customer service landing page that prominently and clearly displays the following:

  1. Easy-to-use self-serve options
  2. 3-5 brand specific frequently asked questions (FAQs) along with a link to the FAQ section of the website containing all FAQ’s
  3. Communication and social channels that may be available along with hours of operation and expected response times

Common themes to address include the following:

  1. Where to buy our products
  2. How to obtain coupons
  3. Product expiration questions

In order to determine which themes to highlight on your page for your brand and market, you should consult the following resources:

  1. Your local Consumer Care Center (CCC) representative to understand what questions are coming in via phone, email, and social
  2. Your website traffic analytics to incorporate existing high-traffic FAQ’s
  3. Your internal site search analytics to see what questions consumers are asking via the online search box
  4. Your web analytics to identify the highest volume Google search queries

Analyze the above resources to determine what to highlight on this page. You may use the sample copy deck template attached below to submit the page through your local copy review process.

Once the page has bee submitted to IT for updating, submit a ticket to have tracking analytics installed. A sample tagging request follows:

Description is: As an analytics owner, I want to tag and measure relevant KPI's on the Contact Us page both pre and post launch of the new Contact Us page

Acceptance Criteria: As an analytics owner, I am able to measure:

1.      Sticky rate and time spent for users that navigate directly to the Contact Us page

2.      Time spent for all other scenarios

3.      Engagement (clicks) with each of the touts on the page

4.      # of clicks on the FAQ accordions

5.      Baseline (pre-implementation) vs post-implementation KPI's

If you have any questions regarding the implementation of the improved Contact Us page template, please contact Jorge Leon, Associate Director, Global Consumer Care.

See a demo of this template

Download:  Sample_contact_us_page_copy_deck.docx


When To Use This Page

Every site will contain a Contact Us page, accessible from the footer.  This page may be used in coordination with a Universal Contact Us (UCU) form where applicable.


Design Details

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